Viasky is at the cutting edge of software development.


Our development teams allow us to provide companies cutting-age implementations based on the latest technologies on the market.


Our software projects are based on the principles and methods of the Agile paradigm, in particular, according to the practices and the logic defined in the SCRUM framework.


Thanks to this methodological approach, we are able to reconcile the flexibility of the development process with a structured and consolidated work system and to guarantee rapid response time and quick adaptations to customer needs.


The Agile methodology, in fact, allows us to have a DevOps orientation to development projects and to make frequent software releases. For this reason, we are equipped with our continuous integration and continuous delivery infrastructure (mainly based on GIT, Jenkins and SonarQube ) able to automatically manage the release of software in the various environments (development, testing and production), to perform static analyzes on the quality of the code and to automate part of the tests.


We realize applications on demand, following the development process in all its phases (even with different methodologies compared to the Agile one).


In the analysis phase we will also carefully evaluate the possibility of doing new verticalizations on existing platforms developed by us or already present in the open source world. The latter, in fact, is a sector where Viasky has gained considerable expertise over the years.


Your application will be implemented using the latest programming languages on the market (JavaEE, .Net, PHP, Angular7, AngularJS, Python, SQL, NodeJS, Ionic3, etc), the most popular frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Laravel, Zend, etc) and the latest generation databases (mongoDB, OrientDB, etc).


According to your needs we will choose the most suitable and appropriated technologies to implement your specific application (desktop, web, mobile, progressive web app, etc).

If you have an idea and you want to implement it, contact us: let us analyze it and evaluate it together!

The high number of proficiencies and skills gained over the years, allows Viasky to offer professional services, by one or more experienced people. The aim is to provide consulting service as well as an active support to companies to achieve their business goals through the use of the latest technologies.


We aim to establish a relationship of deep trust with our customers, supporting them throughout the life cycle of the software product: from installation to corrective and evolutionary maintenance, up to the management of ICT services. Furthermore, the management of the latter will be provided through an active support, both in terms of control and in terms of analysis, in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.


Our experts are able to integrate themselves into any existing team, bringing an added value which is based on the proactiveness and on the adoption of international standards related to the best practices, the latest development / collaboration methodologies and cutting-edge technical skills.


We are able to support our customers in the most advanced programming languages available on the market (JavaEE, .Net, PHP, Angular7, AngularJS, Python, SQL, NodeJS, Ionic3, etc) and on the most widespread frameworks (Spring, Hibernate , Laravel, Zend, etc), with reference to the desktop, but also to the web, mobile or PWA.


The main topics addressed by this type of service are:

Software design and development in all phases of the life cycle

System administration

Systems and infrastructure migration

Application management and helpdesk

If you need consulting service and you need reliable people with cutting edge skills, contact us and we will see together how you can support!

From the analysis of the numbers presented by the Cloud Transformation Observatory of the School of Management of the “Politecnico di Milano”, there is no doubt that more and more companies are implementing migration projects to cloud platforms in order to maintain competitiveness and growth.


In fact, 75% of companies consider cloud technology a key element to introduce innovations. Otherwise, they would be too onerous to carry out internally, in terms of time, costs and skills.


Cloud is a good solution, not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. For the latter, in fact, it is a process that is not only innovative, but allows them to focus mainly on core activities, in order to manage costs and to delegate specialist skills and technical-operational management of new projects to partners or suppliers cloud technology.

Viasky helps interested companies in planning the most effective cloud strategy to keep their competitiveness high and optimize the management of IT infrastructure.

We support them in the choice of the most suitable cloud technology (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS, Software as a Service – SaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS) and in the choice of the most suitable implementation model (cloud, hybrid or local).

Once the strategy is planned, we rely on what is defined in the cloud strategy to help companies to integrate their software and systems, by identifying the most suitable technological solution for them (Google, AWS, etc.).

Contact us to plan and implement your cloud strategy together!

Big companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon make us aware that Big Data is the gold mine of the 21st century.


We live in a constantly connected world, where each of our actions is recorded and stored: the collection of these data has now become a must in business 2.0.


For this reason, Viasky offers a service of Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data Analysis and Data Mining that exploits the most advanced technologies and tools currently available on the market (Elasticsearch, Amazon Glue, MongoDB , Apache Spark, QLik, SAS, Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera, etc).


We are also able to use machine learning techniques to perform analyzes and to correlate the factors that have determined past events in order to predict when they will occur in the future. In this way, it is possible to generate self-learning systems that help in the management and reduction of risks.

If you need support for the collection, management and analysis of big data or if you simply want a consulation to understand more about the topic and see how this topic can be useful in your business, contact us and we will know how to help you!

We offer functional and non-functional testing services, in compliance with the ISTQB international standard.


Our staff is able to use most of the open source and proprietary testing tools, covering therefore all the classical areas of functional and non functional testing:

System test and integration

Analysis of the quality of the code

Accessibility and usability testing and compliance with the Stanca Law

Unit tests

Acceptance test

Performance, load and stress tests

Shift left testing and review of specifications

Dynamic and static safety test through the use of artificial intelligence

If you want to test a new application or evalutate the risks you may encounter using the solution you already adopted, do not hesitate to contact us!

Viasky offers you social media marketing services, that are those marketing services aimed at generating visibility on social media, virtual communities and 2.0 aggregators.


The skills that we offer range from the management of online reports (PR 2.0), to the optimization of web pages made for social media (SMO, Social Media Optimization), to the management of advertising campaigns and profiles on the most popular social media. In particular we deal with:

Campagne Google Ads

Facebook advertising

Instagram marketing

Linkedin marketing

Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc)

SEO, SMO, etc

Viasky is able to support you throughout the life cycle of social media marketing: from the analysis and strategic planning phase, to the operational development phase, to the final phase aimed at monitoring the results achieved.

If you have a company or a product to promote, do not hesitate to contact us; thanks to us you will see your business take off!