A solution specialized in the HEALTHCARE sector

It allows the optimization of health resources, waiting and care-taking time, leading to an improvement in patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Direct connection with their patients and employees

The platform is aimed at clinics, medical practices, specialist outpatient clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. It allows the management, planning and control of health and administrative activities (for example: health care, medicine actors and drugs) in a simple, practical and fast way, maintaining a direct connection with patients and employees.

The main features

The Health platform is another type of verticalization of the Viasky IoT platform and shares with it all the technologies and technical characteristics.

Management of a virtual clinic

It allows the management, in a rapid and effective way, of the flow of patients arriving, of all patients waiting to be visited and of those ready to discharge, through the constant monitoring of the line in the waiting room.

Management of payments for health services

The platform also allows you to calculate a budget, to carry out debt collection through apps and on-click payments.

Management of health personnel

It is possible to monitor staff through special badges and plan work shifts, availability, vacations, etc.

Planning of health services

The services offered to their patients are planned through shared multimedia agendas.

The platform also provides an administrative profile where it is possible to find numerous information, such as, suggestions for different resolution strategies; management statistics; the management of materials and medical devices; digital invoices shared with the accountant; export documents, etc.