An innovative documentary platform

It allows you to monitor, manage, share and file documents. The ultimate goal is to simplify processes and significantly reduce the use of paper.

The documentary system is the true information assets of an organization and, depending on its performance, it increases or reduces the efficiency of business processes.

Our Documentary Platform is an extended and modular DMS solution, able to manage the flow of shared drafting of documents. It allows you to monitor the entire life cycle of the document, starting from its creation up to the possible generation of an outgoing protocol, passing through intermediate steps.

Through the tools made available, profiled organizations can cooperate.

The technological characteristic

The use of cutting-edge technologies (AWS, Elasticsearch, Angular 7, RabbitMQ, Redis, mongoDB, etc) and especially its application modularity, deriving from a service-oriented type architecture, allows to have modular functionality and self-consistent modules.

Points of Strenght

Scalability and Modularity
Service oriented architecture
Feature distribution
Fault tolerance
Data M
Cloud platform and SQL and NOSQL data platform
Integration with other business management systems