Management and monitoring

Monitor Cube is a research project based on innovative technologies (Angular 7, CSS3, Python, OrientDB) aimed at managing and monitoring any type of process.

A visual metaphor

Thanks to a visual metaphor based on interactive matrices and cubes, it is possible to represent and monitor any type of process.

The cubes that form the matrix represent, according to their position: the process we want to monitor, the activities on which the process is based, the organizational teams that have to perform them and the status of each activity related to what the associated team has done.

For each cube which represents the association between activities and teams, it is possible to define indicators, KPIs and various types of tasks to be performed.

Depending on the exploitation of these KPIs, the status of the cubes will change and consequently their color will change. This will allow you to easily monitor the whole process through a high level view.

The cubes can also be either exploded into a matrix or enlarged and rotated to allow the display of the various info dashboards placed on their faces.

The dashboards

The information represented in the dashboards of each cube is the following:

KPI: They are key performance indicators aimed at detecting the level of some critical factors of success of the activity. This is done through the use of a metric (indicator) and a threshold;

Indicatori: They are numerical measures that are associated with factors pertaining to the activity;

Issue: They are problems related to unforeseen and non-structural activities. Each issue can be associated with one or more resolutive actions called “initiatives”;

Task: They are the tasks to be carried out in order to complete the activity. Users are associated with tasks;

Rischi: They are predicted and structural critical events intrinsically associated with the activity. The risks are associated with various mitigations, that are, structural actions aimed at reducing or avoiding their effects