A verticalization of our IoT platform

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and architectures, it provides geo-location services, asset control and work planning, supporting companies or public authorities in optimizing activities and in business management.

Customizable services

The Fleet & Asset Management platform, thanks to the use of IoT sensors (GSM, RFID antennas, badge systems, etc.), is able to offer a wide range of customizable services, including:


Monitoring of the status and activities of each individual asset. With reference to vehicles, for example, it is possible to know the position, the current status of switching on or off, as well as the tachograph data relating to the driving style of the driver.

Notification system

The purpose is to inform, in real time, the end users of the platform on ordinary and extraordinary events that occur during the management of the activities.


Historical data related to assets and employees, available in differentiated dashboards. For example, it is possible to consult all the information related to each employee, including working hours, breaks, overtime, types of activities carried out, etc.

Documentary management

Possibility of inserting and archiving all the documentation concerning the management of an activity.

Itinerary optimization

The user can create, modify and manage new itineraries, inserting specific points of interest and other boundary conditions. On the basis of the data entered, a routing algorithm will generate the optimal path of the vehicles in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of the service.


IoT platform

We are faced with prospects unimaginable until yesterday, and for this reason Viasky has developed a mobile and web IoT platform, with services and different distinct verticalizations.



AgilAg is born from the great sensitivity of VIASKY on environmental respect and, consequently, on sustainable and precision agriculture.


Health Platform

It allows the optimization of health resources and waiting and care-taking time, leading to an improvement in patient satisfaction and loyalty.