Our story, our

Viasky works, starting from 2011, in the field of technological innovation, software development, research and development and business optimization with particular interest in the world of the Internet of Things.

We offer software products, development services, but also consulting and marketing services, useful for companies to optimize their processes, to reduce risks and to solve digital transformation issues.
To do this, we take advantage of the skills of our teams, composed of highly motivated and constantly updated young people, and we offer our customers cutting-edge information systems, IoT (Internet of Things) technology solutions, web 3.0 and business intelligence systems, data mining and big data.

Viasky is a young and dynamic company but, at the same time, we pay particular attention to satisfy the quality standards. In fact, we believe that this aspect is a necessary requirement to be an excellence in the market and we are proud of the possession, since 2017, of the ISO 9001 certification.

Viasky mission is ...

Continious growth

We are based on comparisons, on the continuous training of our team, on the enhancement of individual differences and on research and innovation


We help our customers and partners to optimize their activities and expand their business.


We aim to be a point of reference for mobile solutions, IoT solutions, systems integration and consulting services.


We offer solutions to increase companies’ competitiveness and to improve their ROI


We offer solutions to reduce environmental impact (dematerialization, eco-solutions, fleet management, etc.).


Our Team Is The Key

Research, development and collaboration with universities

Research and development, innovation and continuous updating on technological trends are the keys that allow us to always be competitive and at the forefront.

This is the reason why, in Viasky, we consider the investment on young people a pillar for our growth and we have collaborated for years with various institutions of excellence, such as the “Sapienza” University of Rome and the University of Calabria in order to include, within the company, graduates, undergraduates and researchers who share our vision and help us to achieve our goals.

Team building, training and employee growth

In Viasky, we put the employee first: we believe that people and complicity, that can arise within the working groups, are the principle of success.

To do this, we regularly organize team building and training events, in order to increase skills, but above all, to improve our team and our working group.

A tight-knit and well-mixed working group, where the technical and human characteristics of each are best used, is the real added value that we are constantly looking for.

Continuous technological updating

Computer science is a world in continuous evolution that is often frenetic and unexpected.

It is sufficient to remain anchored to a solution considered reliable once to lose the control of the technological situation and the infinite possibilities that are opening up elsewhere.

Thanks to our contact with young people, with the university world and thanks to the investment in research projects, based on innovative technologies, which are often in the early stage, we are constantly trying to stay a step ahead in the market, going to develop, today, skills on the technologies that will be used tomorrow.

Respect for the environment and personal responsibility

The internal structure of Viasky is based on an Agile philosophy, where the personal responsibility of the individual is the real driving force.

For this reason, we strongly believe in the training and the empowerment of individuals, and we try to make them grow, according to their potential, and to assign them roles, not because these are defined and imposed upon them from above, but because they are actually deserved them in the field, based on their nature, growth and on past experiences.

This accountability activity is carried out not only at the work level, but also at the social level, bringing employees closer to all the topics of environmental respect, that are fundamental for the future of the planet. These themes are not only present in the daily management of work, from the dematerialization of documents to differentiated waste collection, but also at the basis of the software which we develop.

Incubators of ideas

Today, terms such as start-ups, makers and tinkering are now part of the common lexicon and, for this reason, always moving at the forefront, Viasky couldn’t have been anything but an incubator of its own ideas and of those of others. An incubator of ideas is nothing more than an ancient concept proposed in a modern way: it is the equivalent of the old Renaissance workshops, where the apprentice could present a new idea and be helped to realize it.

In modern terms, it is an active, proactive and dynamic environment where it is possible to test an idea, to undertake market research, and, if it proves to be successful, where it is possible to obtain support for its realization.

This definition fits perfectly with what is today Viasky, where we always try to stimulate our employees to produce new ideas to be used as a basis for new research projects.
However, we do not incubate only internal ideas, but we evaluate ideas from individuals, other companies and also from universities: we are constantly looking for possible partnerships and collaborations with anyone with an innovative idea in the IT sector.

For example, in the university field, we take part in meetings, related to information technology in Italy, in order to be always updated and to allow young people to develop their ideas, in view of doing the thesis in the company, and we are open to any form of collaboration in research activities with professors and researchers.