Ecomondo 2019

Ecomondo 2019

Nowadays we increasingly talk about environmental pollution and the consequent need to adopt measures for waste disposal, as well as climate change. The scientific community and the everyday life evidences have officially declared a climatic and environmental state of emergency, which manifests itself with the increasing temperatures and the progressive deterioration of the marine biosphere and other ecosystems.

International institutions proposed attempts with the aim of reducing damages inflicted on our planet and the European Union has an increasingly relevant role in defining global agreements such as the 2030 Agenda, approved by the United Nations and focused on sustainable development. These include the need to use clean and accessible energy, facilitate underwater and on earth life, implement production and responsible consumption, fighting against climate change.

Hence the need, in recent years, to organize initiatives to deepen the subject, spread the culture of energy saving, separate rubbish collection, recycling and circular economy. That’s why, for many years now, the Rimini Expo Centre has been hosting “Ecomondo”: the international fair on technological and industrial innovation in the field of ecology and energy. The objective of this event is to contribute creating an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The 2019 edition, in which Viasky participated, proposed insights on the path of circular bioeconomy, on eco-design with raw materials, bioenergy (from biomass to biogas and biomethane), on the plastic supply chain and on the phases of the integrated water cycle.

One of the most in-depth themes is what concerns waste and resources. More and more technologies and services aimed at the valorisation of materials and integrated waste management are presented, creating new perspectives deriving from the recovery and placing on the market of recycled raw materials.

With its 9800 mq2 dedicated to seminars and conferences, “Ecomondo” represents an annual appointment that welcomes visitors from 60 countries interested in networking, staying up to date on the news regarding circular economy and environmental sustainability and sensitive to the preservation of the planet.