Blockchain Software Licensing

a research project where Viasky wanted to experiment a cutting-edge approach in order to solve a long-standing problem: the management of software licenses for desktop applications.

Decentralized Application

In order to address this issue, we wanted to use Blockchain technology to develop a Decentralized Application. It will be useful for companies to ensure the security and uniqueness of their software licenses on desktop products under Windows, Linux and MacOS.

We chose to use Blockchain technology because it is a real innovation for all those sectors in which it is useful to trace a life path of a product.

It is not just a single technology, but a complex network architecture that allows uncoordinated users to carry out transactions and keep an immutable and secure record.

A public electronic ledger

It is a book that can be shared among all users in a free way and allows an immutable recording of their transactions. Each of them is marked with a timestamp and is linked to the previous one. Furthermore, each record or digital transaction constitutes a block, and allows an open or closed set of users to access the entire database.

The Ethereum platform

We have based the Blockchain SW Licensing project on the Ethereum platform, because, according to an accurate analysis, it has turned out to be the most suitable tool to implement this type of application.
To implement it, special smart contracts have been created. They are scripts that are executed to generate a token containing information about the license issued and the purchaser (serial number, company name, expiration date, etc). The token is then transferred to the user installed application wallet to allow it to pass validation at boot time and to prevent license counterfeiting.