We care about the environment

AgilAg is born from the great sensitivity of VIASKY on environmental respect and, consequently, on sustainable and precision agriculture.

Variability maps

Thanks to the combination of Sentinel satellite data, from the EU-ESA “Copernicus” program, with those coming from sensors ground-based and on board agricultural vehicles, AgilAg produces “variability maps” able to monitor, in real time, the state of health and stress water of the plants. Moreover, it is capable of providing suggestions for targeted agricultural interventions in time and space.

Finally, through the mobile application it is possible to perform on site phyto-diagnosis on specific nutritional deficiencies, on parasitic infestations and on pathologies, allowing the rationalization of the inputs.

AgilAg has been designed not only for agricultural entrepreneurs, but for all those working in the agri-food chain.

Customizable services

Its scalar and modular architecture allows us to offer customizable services through the following modules.


For the management and traceability of plant protection products, and not only.


A tool that allows you to plan activities by combining all business entities.

Fleet & Asset

For the management of the vehicles, of the assets and their maintenance.

Crop & Soil

Maps of real-time and historicized variability for the monitoring of cultivated areas.


A module dedicated to statistical analysis of historicized data.


To monitor agricultural vehicles’ status and activities as well as assets like location, tachograph data, turning on and off accessories, etc.


For the management and monitoring of workers.

Other services

Notifications and customizable alerts, the division and management of geozone areas and more.

Agilag Modules

Module dedicated to the farmalands registry management that allows the user to:

  • Save and manage the chemical-physical analysis;
  • Manage the cultivation cycles;
  • Demages warnings management;
  • Deficiencies and deseases warnings management;
  • Multispectral (NDVI, NDMI) satellite imagery;
  • Proximal sensors data imagery;
  • Real time, historical and forecast weather information.

Virtual version of the phytosanitary treatment registry as required by the Italian law (DPR 290 of 2001).

Module that, associated with the IoT platform modules “Workers” and “Asset”, allows the user to plan agricultural operations (seeding, irrigation, treatments and so on)

A module for an easy warehouse management that allows the user to: o Manage product and purchase orders; o Manage consumption and lying; o Have lying thresholds based alerts.

Control an analysis tool that allows the user to manage costs and revenues in a year and to keep them under control.