3D Dental

Software for scientific visualization and analysis / editing of dental DICOM images. The tool was developed in C++, using the VKT,GDCM,QT5 libraries.

A first version

Nowdays, Viasky has created a first version of the software that contains a set of tools useful for the processing of tomographic data in the initial phases of the prosthodontist activities.

The avaiable tools

DICOM Viewer

The tool allows the usual display of the DICOM images on the three acquisition plans that can be navigated using the mouse.

3D Viewer

Starting from DICOM data, 3D Dental is able to reconstruct the image from the semantic elaboration of the three-dimensional representation of the different tissues. It also allows you to filter image thanks to the Hounsfield HU scale in order to isolate different types of tissues (bone,muscle,etc).

Rubber Tool

This tool allows to parametrically delete, from DICOM, various types of tissue or surfaces in order to better isolate the surfaces corresponding to the area of interest (segmentation).<br /> This allows the operator to have a better view of the study object.

Measurement Tool

3D Dental provides different tools for measuring the widths of angles and lengths of rectilinear and curvilinear lines.<br /> Moreover, the latter can be directly traced by the operator on the images of the three floors of the DICOM.

Secant Plans

3D Dental does not restrict the navigation of the DICOM data only on the three prefixed axes, but allows them to be tilted at will in order to obtain abritrary cuts on the volume and allow a better visualization to the operator.

These functionalities are preparatory to a future version, which will allow to a 3D print the part of tissue and the structure that the operator has previously isolated.